Working in Office

Your talent needs  attention.

Modern work rituals, spaces and places that are healthy and productive to realise your talent.

The Rituals

The EASI framework distills 'Activity Based Working' down into 4 primary rituals that cover activities done by typical professionals. Whether you're an Architect, Developer or Executive, we can all recognise these in our daily working lives.


However, most of these daily activities are insufficiently supported at home and in the office preventing you from being productive whilst adversely affecting your mental and physical health.

EASI removes any guesswork by providing actionable advice to improve work satisfaction, suggesting the right ergonomic products, designing and developing Studio Spaces, and offering a network of Places that enable distributed working of the future.


Re-charge the mind & body to restore and build vital energy.


Communicate your ideas to serve personal value to others.


Create & learn with your mind & body to generate personal value.


Collaborate with others to mine and leverage team value.

The Hard Truths*

*These are just some of the findings provided by the Leesman Employee Satisfaction Survey. To get an even deeper insight into office and home worker satisfaction, visit


Our Solutions

Get going by making a few small but powerful changes to your current work practices and environment or dive in deeper and let us help you design and build the perfect Work Studio to let your talents flourish.



The guide to work at your best using the right tools and conditions.

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Workhome upgrades & turnkey Studios

Forest Scene


A network of EASI Studios nestled in inspiring places.


Product Spotlight



This revolutionary Smart Diffuser is simple to use; plug it in, pop in the fragrance capsule of your choice, and hit the “play” button, just like you play music. Adjust the intensity as you would the volume to find the perfect scent setting.

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